Below are some testimonials from a few of our clients.  

Birthing in Harmony - Hypnobirthing - KG

Couple 1

"Just want to start by saying how much calmer you and this course have made me feel about giving birth and thank you! I started the course a bit sceptical and unsure of what was to come! But I knew that I felt nervous so wanted to give hypnobirthing a try.  Not only do I feel more positive and calmer towards labour but I also feel I have gained so much knowledge about it , before I would just nod my head to information I was being told but you have helped me understand terminology used and what to expect. 


You were so accommodating and understanding with our busy situation with moving house and helped accommodate the sessions to us making it possible for my partner to attend and I really appreciate it! Throughout the course I felt comfortable and able to ask anything. 


After such a strange and unsettling start to pregnancy during the pandemic I was finding it hard to have positive moments with my pregnancy during lock down! I am so thankful that through this course you have helped me have positive experiences and helped me feel more prepared for what’s to come. You have definitely played a huge part in my pregnancy journey. 


I’m excited to put everything we have learnt  into practice ready for our baby boy to arrive. I will definitely keep you updated and be coming to you for support and advice if needed. 


Thank you so much Amy we are very lucky to have had this opportunity to take part in your hypnobirth sessions.'"

Couple 2

"Hi Amy,

We have just found time to write to you and share our thoughts on the course! 


Firstly we thought you did a fantastic job with the course. Found you very friendly and reassuring - especially as all of child birth is quite new to us. There is a lot that you don’t really hear too much about like after birth, breast feeding (all the stuff after the baby arrives!). It was very nice for us to hear about all these things to prepare for. 


We really got into the breathing exercises and the relaxing, it has really made an impression. Going into this that alone will help calm me down and relax me (also support 'Birth Partner') with what we need to do. 


Having read the book too, which I found really useful as I’m a book learner over a class room learner I found it really helpful in explaining what I needed to do and how to do it. 


We really can’t thank you enough for the knowledge and experience you shared, the support you’ve given us and how much more comfortable we both feel going into our child’s birth together. If how worried we felt before the course was a 10 I’d happily say we’ve come down to a 4! 


We would (and we have) recommend KGHypnobirthing to anyone expecting."

Couple 3

"My husband and I attended hypnobirthing classes via zoom with Amy. She explained what hypnobirthing involved and communicated well with us, organising the classes. She sent through class notes in advance which we then referred to during the sessions. We were also sent a useful hypnobirthing book to read.

Each class was extremely useful. As a first time mum I felt very anxious for the birth, especially during challenging time with Covid and as many friends had previously told me negative birth stories. The hypnobirthing classes allowed me to relax and view everything in a much more positive manner.

The course was very detailed and I found out a lot more information regarding labour and after birth which was very useful. We also attended anti natal classes through the NHS but found Amy's classes explained a lot more and in a much more positive way. The breathing techniques were very useful and I found these extremely helpful during labour. When I was in labour I was very relaxed as I kept calm and relaxed throughout. I recalled the positive statements we had discussed in the sessions and also found the various audios very relaxing and calming. We were shown a variety of techniques to use to help relax including different massages to carry out.

Amy explained the importance of keeping calm and relaxed and also the need of oxytocin in the body. Thinking positive made such a difference. I had a relaxed labour despite not being able to have a water birth as planned. If I had not of attended these classes I think my labour would have been very different. My husband found the classes beneficial and knew how to support me throughout the labour.

We are so grateful to Amy for allowing us to attend her classes and for broadening our minds to hypnobirthing. Having a positive mind makes such a difference. I found myself able to relax after each session and my anxiety greatly reduced each time. Amy was very friendly and supportive. She was always available should we have any questions and was ready to offer advice. I really recommend people to try hypnobirthing as it can make such a difference. Thank you Amy. x"

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Birthing in Harmony - Hypnobirthing - KG